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Automatic Parallel Operation Using Arduino

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                                                            Automatic Parallel Operation Using Arduino
P.S.LINGE  1, Omkar Kamble 2, Karan Bochare3, Ganesh Shetewad 4, Lokesh Warle 5
2Professor, 1,3,4,5 Students, Department Electrical Engineering, Government Polytechnic Nanded, Maharashtra, India

Abstract - Automatic parallel operations using
Arduino is a system designed to control multiple
devices simultaneously without any manual
intervention. The system uses Arduino
microcontroller to automate and synchronize the
operation of devices, such as motors, pumps, and
lights, to perform a specific task. The system can be
used in various applications, such as industrial
automation, home automation, and robotics, to
improve efficiency and reduce human errors. This
paper presents an overview of the system, its
components, and its working principle. The
system's hardware includes Arduino
microcontroller, relays, and sensors, while the
software includes programming code written in
Arduino IDE. The system's functionality and
effectiveness were evaluated through
experimental tests. The results showed that the
system can control multiple devices accurately and
efficiently, ensuring that the devices operate in a
synchronized manner. The system's advantages
include improved efficiency, reduced human
errors, and reduced operating costs, making it a
viable solution for automating parallel operations.


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